CAR Alumni

Patrick Hurney 

Completed: PhD, 2017
Project: Realtime infrared detection of vulnerable road users for automotive applications 

Shane Tuohy 

Completed: PhD, 2017 
Project: Next Generation In-Vehicle Networks 

Anthony Winterlich 

Graduated: PhD, 2016 
Project: Evaluation and Control of Image and Video Quality in the Automotive Environment 

Diarmaid O'Cualain

Graduated: PhD, 2012 
Project: Distance Determination for the Automotive Environment

Robert McFeely

Graduated: PhD, 2011 
Project: Shadow removal from digital imagery

Ronan O'Malley

Graduated: PhD, 2011 
Project: Vulnerable Road User Detection in Low-Light Conditions

Ciaran Hughes

Graduated: PhD, 2010 
Project: Digital Lens and Perspective Correction for the Automotive Environment

Lorcan Browne

Graduated: MEngSc, 2010 
Project: Region Of Interest Determination and Obstacle Detection For Automotive Applications 

Dermot Campbell

Graduated: PhD, 2010 
Project: An investigation of objective speech and audio quality assessment techniques, with a specific interest in automotive applications 

Myles Friel

Graduated: MEngSc, 2009 
Project: Automatic Calibration of Fisheye Lenses in the Automotive Environment

Alan Molloy

Graduated: MEngSc, 2006 
Project: An Efficient Implementation of Bluetooth Wireless Technology for an Automotive Environment 

Lisa Kelly

Graduated: MEngSc, 2004 
Project: Error resilient image transmission over a wireless Bluetooth network